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Motorola's Message Codes

        These codes can be used to send a message to a display (Numeric) pager.

Note: The "*" (star key) on your phone translates to a dash on your pager screen.

        Entering:                     Means:

0000000 Bronx cheer
0-0 Ruh-Roh.
0001000 I'm feeling mighty alone right now.
007 I've got a secret.
099 I've got something stupid to tell you.
05-05 Margaritas, dude! (Cinco de Mayo)
020202 Just thinking of you.
04-04-04 Happy Holidays. (Read upside down.)
080808 Kisses and hugs.
1 You're the one; you da man.
10 You're perfect.
11 You're peffect-er.
1-1 Thank you!
13 I'm having a bad day.
1-8 I ate.
101 I've got an easy question.
10-4 Is everything OK?
121 I need to talk to you alone.
141 I'm with you.
180 I love you.
10-20 Where are you?
10-2-1 It's possible; there's a chance.
1040 You owe me big-time.
13-30 I'm having a bad day and it's getting old.
1492 Let's go sailing.
1701 Live long and prosper.
1776 You're revolting.
100-2-1 The odds are against you.
13579 This is odd.
121212 Happy Birthday!
10000001 Miss you.
11111111 Congratulations!
-2 Used as suffix to convey "I second that" or "me, too."
21 Let's have a drink.
2-2 Now we dance; shall we dance?
222 Pick me up after school.
2001 You're way out there.
2468 You're terrific.
30 This is getting old.
360 I love you back.
4 Let's play golf.
411 I need some information.
5 Hi.
5-0 Are you booked? (Or, let's go to Hawaii.)
55 Let's cruise.
50-50 It doesn't matter to me; what do you want to do?
54321 I'm ready to explode.
66 Let's hit the road.
710 I'm out of gas. (Read upside down.)
747 Let's fly.
86 You're finished.
87 You're late; I'm late. (Read upside down.)
8642 I'm gonna get even with you.
9-5 It's quitting time.
99 Good rooming.
911 This is big; this is an emergency. Call me now.
98-6 Hope you're feeling better.
90210 I'm feeling kinda witchy.
99-44-100 I'm almost totally completely bored.
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